Dry February is Here!

Today is the first day of my Dry February Challenge to raise funds for cancer research. So far I've raised $100.  I'd like to have raised more by this point, but I haven't exactly been strong in my cyber panhandling. If you, the reader, are so inclined, feel free to visit www.domoregood.ca to lend a hand in helping the fight against cancer.

Look at that previously cider filled mason jar - bone dry!

Lookin' forward, I've been researching vegetarianism and veganism. Truth be told, I'm concerned with getting enough protein, but some of the vegetarian and vegan research suggests I only need half of what conventional wisdom suggests.  I guess I'll see come March. It's not like I don't have weight to lose. This ought to be interesting.

Yay vegetables. 😕

Coco out.


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