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Giving on Your Birthday - Shoreline Cleanup

We've all heard the saying that "it's better to give than to receive." For my birthday this weekend, that's exactly what I did. In lieu of some party, I gathered a handful of friends and their kids and organized a site for the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. While we didn't give financially, we gave our time and efforts to clean up a park/beach here in Mississauga. Others will benefit from our efforts. I figure if I'm going to gather people in an area, I may as well put them to use. Ha!

An acceptable form of child labour.
I find this to be an extremely rewarding experience inasmuch as you do good on the day of the event, but you also teach your kids (and others, 'cause I don't have four kids as pictured above) to do good in the future. You can make it a bit of a game to see who can pick the most garbage, or who can find the biggest piece. It's all in how you sell it. Make it a friends and family event and it should sell itself to the little o…

Gifts for Others - Just Ask

Being Canadian, I'm bound to make hockey references. This blog will contain one of those references. Here it is:

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." - Wayne Gretzky.

What the heck am I talking about? If you want something, sometimes you just have to ask. I remember overhearing my friend say she wanted a particular mug that isn't available in stores any more and seems to be quite rare. I spent a couple months watching various sites hoping something would pop up. No such luck. As her birthday started to approach, I did't think I'd be able to find one of these mugs. I could have just let this gift idea go, but then what would I get her? If no one was listing one for sale, I'd have to find someone with this mug and see if they'd be willing to part with it. I found someone on a Facebook group who posted a picture of the mug approximately a year ago. Maybe this person wasn't as keen on it anymore, with a year gone by. Maybe they didn't e…

DIY Garage Gym Pt.3

While I continue to bitch about my left knee, I'm not sitting still. I'm steadily building my garage gym out of scrap wood. While the wife was away in the nation's capital, my sons and I built a bench for my bench press as well as a weight rack of sorts. They ain't pretty, they just look that way.

How'd we build the bench? Well, here's a look at the cut list:

2 @ 2"x 6"x 48" (top part where you lay down)
1 @ 4"x 6"x 48" (base where you'll attach the legs; here I used 4 @ 2"x4"x 48" because I'm using scrap wood)
4 @ 2"x 6"x 18.5" (legs)
2 @ 2"x 6"x 20.5" (top and bottom of the base to stabilize)
2 @ 2"x 6"x 12" (joins the legs and holds the top planks you lay upon)

This is what your bench will look like, minus the 4 year old. 
I drilled the 20.5" stabilizers to the base to start, giving me an 'I' like shape. Next, I attached the 18.5" legs, squaring…

5k & 10k in 2 Days

So, my knee injury from months ago isn't much better. I may just relent and go see a doctor, but not before I kick the shit out of them one last time. 😕  The question begs: why? Because I had to go to Ukraine for work when this particular race took place. I registered for a 5k on a Friday with a follow up 10k the morning after. Why would anyone do that? Because the funds raised went directly into the small town my mom moved to and you got a bonus medal if you did it. Let's have an honest moment between us here. I just wanted the bonus medal. Oh, and I wanted to complete approximately 4 races this year.

Race day came and went while I was off travelling for work and I was saddened I didn't get my medals or complete my races. Another moment of honesty, if you'll allow it: I had more fun in Ukraine, but that's not the point. Resigned to waiting until next year, I was pleasantly surprised when the event organizers created a virtual race. What's a virtual race? Well…

Back from Family Vacation

I'm certainly glad I put 'irregularly updated' in this blog's description, 'cause it's been just over three weeks since I last wrote anything. I don't really have any excuses. It's just been a bit busy with a family vacation and a work-related trip to Amsterdam, Holland. Oh yeah, and my oldest starts school this week. He seems alright with it. I'm f*cking terrified!

For our family vacation we went the cottage rental route. We've done the group cottage rental thing before and I have to say, with the right people, it's a good idea. Luckily, we go with the right people. At our busiest we had 10 adults and 6 children. We were spread around 5 cottages on one property, so we weren't on top of each other for 7 days, thankfully. That's how friendships are ruined. Nope, this was about a 3 hour drive outside the city limits and each family that went had their own cottage. The property was waterfront so the kids got plenty of beach time while t…