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Physical Stuff - DVD's

This letting go thing is harder than I initially thought it would be. I have a bunch of DVD leftovers from a previous purge (that first step is always the first step toward failure) that I figured I'd watch. I haven't. I just can't fathom letting go of any of my Guy Ritchie films. They're frigging awesome. I once saved a VHS copy (if you don't know what that is we likely can't be friends) of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels from being thrown out by anteing up the $0.50 price tag. I didn't even have a VHS machine to play it on, but it's a Guy Ritchie classic, thus a matter of principal (of all the principals a man can choose to take a stand on ...).

All that being said, I still managed to get rid of half of my DVD's by donating them to the local library. Also of note is that my Guy Ritchie and Kate Beckinsale collections are still intact .. . in my basement ... where they started today off. I'm happy I can oogle Kate Beckinsale whenever I want…

Forget New Years, We're Going Used Years!

Happy New Used Year! Yes, I'm a tad early, but why wait, right? If you're going to shit the bed with an online initiative to document (poorly I might add) a combination of minimalism and anti-consumerism, you may as well start when you have the chance.  I have a wife who runs her own online business and two kids, aged 3 and 2, that don't exactly grant me much leave from my parental responsibilities. So, while the wife goes and gets her hair done and the kids just about finish up their naps (edit, they're both up and crying in their rooms), I'm wasting valuable cleaning/to-do list time writing this vapid initial blog entry.

What's the point of this blog space, besides wasting your valuable time? Well, I figure I'm going to try one of those minimalist lifestyles and try to minimize my own personal consumption. I'm giving up on buying new shit in favour of gently used shit. Some conditions apply, mainly, that I won't be buying second-hand food or payin…