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Goodbye Disposable Razors, Hello Favorite Shorts!

As the disposable razor supply in my house reaches what I'd consider a critical low point, I have, with great patience, found a honing stone. It's a tad dirty and needs a good lapping (flattening), but I have a means to sharpen my old straight razor. Victory! I was starting to give up and even saved a website on my browser for buying new stones and a lapping apparatus. Guess I won't be needing that! I've also found a guy who hones straight razors that works where some friends of mine live, so even without the stone, I'd have a way to sharpen my razor. Ta-da, an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable razors that also supports small business. Not bad.

This is going to take some work ... thankfully there's YouTube!

I also found a seamstress willing and able to fix my favorite shorts. Cost? $12 ... there was more than one hole that needed sewing. 😬 No matter. You'd be hard pressed to find a pair of shorts you'd consider your favorite for $12. An…

Clothing Emergencies?

Well, I've been hit with a few clothing emergencies. Okay, so they aren't emergencies, but as life happens I'll need a couple things. I dodged a bullet with buying a suit because my son's daycare graduation was moved to a new date that clashed with a business outing. Given the choice I chose family. I always will. Yes, I know it's daycare and it's not a recognized diploma, but my son worked very hard on his Going to Kindergarten song and at four years old he knows if dad is, or isn't, there. Back to the suit though, this will likely require a consignment store. I don't see too many suits in a style I like on the thrift store racks. Consignment means paying more, but not everything second hand is going to be cheap or found in a store that relies solely on donations. It's sort of a negative connotation about second hand - that's it's cheap, beat up, useless stuff. Yes, you have to sift through the rough (and there's lots of rough), but you…

Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day! It's Canada 150 up here and though the weather sucked for a good portion of the day, it didn't dampen our spirits.  The kids got dressed up. Mom wore a reconfigured Canada shirt and I wore my altered lobster shirt (I'll blog about that tomorrow). It was all very red and white today though.
Check this dynamic duo out!
My wife purchased these 'outfits' for the kids, so technically I still haven't purchased anything new. It should be noted it would be totally worth it though. I loved looking at my kids and loved how they greeted everyone they came across with "Happy Canada Day!" They didn't wear capes to the park this morning, but they still wore red and white and carried Canada flags. I hope they truly appreciate the country they live in and all it has to offer. They may not appreciate it now, and I don't expect them to at 4 and 2 years of age, but one day, I hope they do. I hope they look after it, care for it and make it even …