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Happy Earth Day 2018!

Well, it's EARTH DAY again ... but this time I'm actually blogging on the day of, unlike last year.  I've been terrible at this consistency thing. I think a portion of that is I don't like writing about going plant-based. Originally I was going to do it for a month, but I kinda like it, so just gonna keep on keepin' on. It's better for me, better for the environment and better for the animals. Win-win-win.

I haven't really come up with a subsequent challenge. I thought about cutting weight. I've been trackin' calories and macros, but really only been maintaining or workin' on a recomposition of sorts. This is a daunting task because I really like food. Guess that means I have to up the fitness game.  I've been slacking as of late. I didn't touch a weight at all last week. It feels like a tear in my shoulder area. Taking a week off has really helped, so maybe a blessing in disguise? 2 months of cutting ... one week won't make a huge d…