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Swimming, Cycling, Running, Oh My!

You know that whole "do one thing every day that scares you?" Yeah, not so sure that's the best advice. I'm sure it's got limitations and such. For instance, I took the plunge and registered for a Try-A-Tri ... an introduction, of sorts, to triathlons. Why is that a scary idea? Simply put: I suck at swimming. Seriously, I'm terrible at it. I can tread water for like 30 seconds before I need friggin' water wings. What's worse is I have less than 2 months to get some beginner level of proficiency under my belt. Pray for my swimming abilities.

Know what else I suck at? Cycling. Didn't think that was possible? It is. Borrowed the wife's bike the other night and sweet Jesus those gears just slip in and out, to and fro. One second I'm struggling to push forward, the next second it's like peddling does nothing. I get it's different gears and such, but after close to 7kms I had zero figured out. At the half way point I just put it at the h…

Happy Father's Day

Just a quick post to say happy Father's Day to all the dads out there and moms pulling double duty. I had a great day (predominantly great day) with the family. We spent the morning at Canada's Wonderland and capped off the evening with an after dinner walk. For Father's Day my boys each donated $50 to my run to raise $1000 for SickKids Hospital. It's been a great day.

The younger of the two boys had a real dad attachment today. It was awesome!
I have to say, the best gift is time with the boys. Sure, they drive me crazy sometimes, but when they're good (or just not in a dumpy mood) it's great! It's the reason I go to Wonderland something like 8 times per year and only get on about half a dozen rides. It's all for them. So far, I've been there twice and the adult ride count stands at 0.

Coco out.

2nd 10k'er Done!

I'm still on the fence as to whether I even like this running thing. I'm going to be honest, I hit the 2k mark of this last 10k and I thought, WTF am I doing?! Where's my runner's high? Then I remember why I'm running - to do good. This 10k was done to raise funds for research on heart and stroke PLUS I got to run with these beauties below.

Check those sweet finisher medals!
Together, as a team, we raised over $1000 for the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Afterwards we got to hang out and have some brunch. Throw in the fact we all got some exercise and I suppose there really isn't any reason not to run.

Tonight I just signed up for another 10k, and this one will benefit the SickKids Foundation in order to support SickKids Hospital in Toronto. So far I'm solo. One of the other guys in the photo has said he'll run it with me. I'll try and convince a few others because, hey, nothing like raising funds for a good cause with good people. My goal for this r…

My First DIY Garage Gym Piece!

In an earlier post I discussed my internal debate between a home gym and a low-cost gym. I ultimately chose the low-cost gym for a variety of reasons, but as I sit here on weekends, with the low cost gym closed, I wish I had something more than running at my disposal. Now, I'm not going to invest in a home gym. I don't have the money or the space. With a little ingenuity though, I can create something that doesn't take up any floor space and still lends itself to working out. I'm not much of a handyman, but off the top of my head I can redneck something together.

I don't normally workout in sandals. 
What did I slap together? A pull up station! All this pull up apparatus took was 3 pieces of 1" pipe, 2 threaded elbows and 2 floor flanges. I'm actually a bit impressed at how easy this was to do. I'm already trying to draft a fold away dip station in this head of mine. If companies can create fold away tables and beds, surely I can create somewhere to do …