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Another Year Older, Another Race Run and Shoreline Cleaned

I can't seem to get into any sorta rhythm with blogging, and I don't know why. I suppose if I keep blogging and not giving up, I haven't completely failed, right? I think having a challenge kept me interested and made me want to update. Going vegan hasn't exactly been all that exciting to write about and it's completely overrun my Instagram account. The memes, recipes and pictures of activism have been good though. Originally going vegan for the health benefits has spread into all other sorts of awareness. I've even started to wean the kids off of meat and dairy. I have to figure if I don't want it in my body, why would I put it in the bodies of my children? That said, they're slowly becoming vegetarians.  I think I'm a couple fun recipes away from making them vegan, but kids are fussy and my current arsenal of recipes is piss poor to say the least.

So, as the title of this fine blog entry would suggest, it was my birthday recently. I celebrated by …