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Onwards to 2018!

Happy New Year!

I've made it an entire year without buying anything new. I've received a few new things, purchased a couple new hygienic items (that was in the original disclaimer anyways) and bought a whole lot of used stuff. I've purged a lot of items from my personal belongings, though I have plenty more to go. The one thing I hadn't done, up until today (New Year's eve) is shave with a straight razor. Guess what I did today?

Well, I'm still alive, so I got that going for me. I couldn't find a honemeister that would sharpen the blades I have. I couldn't find decent used stones to hone them myself. I was relegated to using the dumpy default one that came with what essentially was a straight razor starter pack I bought used earlier in the year. It sucked. Maybe I sucked at sharpening. I'm not sure. I watched on YouTube as people honed blades and were able to cut a hair by dropping it on the blade. I swear I need a friggin' tetanus shot after th…

Boxing Day Jeans for $0.30 versus $300

I just noticed it's been approximately 2 months since my last entry. That's pretty piss poor consistency. It's not like I haven't been busy either. I'm sure I had lots to blog about, and out of all that I'm going to provide a vapid post about how I saved money on boxing day - one of the prime consumer 'holidays' next to Black Friday. God help us all.

Lately I've been in a creative mood. I've made a refined, personalized coaster using a piece of firewood, a wood burning kit and stain/lacquer (picture not attached). I've tried my hand at making healthy treats, such as vegan, gluten-free mint chocolate bark (picture on my Instagram account). I've also made vegetarian (used whey protein powder), gluten-free protein brownies (also on my Instagram account). Maybe I'll post recipes and try to dig up some photos of the coaster, but until then you get the post about fixing jeans. I am sooooo sorry.

So, on Boxing Day, instead of going out and …