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DIY Garage Gym Pt.2

My first DIY Garage gym piece was a pull-up bar made of 3 pieces of 1.5" pipe, 2 elbows and 2 floor flanges. Not very technical, not very fancy, but in terms of doing pull-ups it's quite efficient. The unfortunate part is that I'm a bit limited by the exercises I can do with a single purpose pull-up bar. Solution? Build another piece for my garage gym.

Now, I don't have a lot of money or a tonne of know-how when it comes to construction. I need simple and efficient - just like my pull-up bar. I also want something a little more versatile. Recently I bought a used Olympic barbell and 265 lbs worth of weight, so hopefully my new DIY piece will allow me to incorporate that second hand purchase. Given my affinity for squats (despite a bum left knee) the decision is easy: build a dual purpose squat and bench press rack!

What you'll need:

9 - 2x4's (8')
40 - #8 2.5" wood screws
2 - 5 gallon pails
2 - bags of quick setting cement

Doesn't look like much no…

Sunshine & Lollipops

It's easier, and a lot more fun, to showcase life's victories. Last year I completed my first 5km race. This year I completed my first 10km race. This weekend I attempted my first Try-a-Tri triathlon. Finishing races and raising money for good causes was sunshine and lollipops. This triathlon thing? A disaster. It was the complete opposite of sunshine and lollipops. It was shit storms and black licorice. 

Artist's rendition of my swim at the Try-a-Tri
This journey of eco-friendly frugality, family and fitness isn't going to be victory after victory.  I'm not perfect. No one is. There are, inevitably, going to be losses and heart break. I'm not going to hide mine to create some facade of infallibility.  I posted a DNF at this Try-a-Tri and the feeling of disappointment was brutal. There isn't much else to say. I shit the proverbial bed. 
What's important though is what happens after the fall. It's easy to give up and move on, but then I'd have thi…