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Recycling/Reusing DIY Trophies!

Over the past two days, little by little, I have endeavoured to make my best friend a trophy. Why? Because she deserves it. She has served her country for twenty years and I am fortunate to have been her partner (officially and unofficially, on and off) for almost the last four of them. I could go on and on about how awesome she is, but that's not the purpose of this blog. The trophy I made - that's why I'm writing today.

So yeah, she's served her country for twenty years as an officer and there will be no pin, no plaque, no handshake, nothing. In fact she had to plan her own celebratory lunch. While I'm up for that, I wanted her to have something other than a full belly. My immediate thought was a gag gift - a used softball trophy from Value Village, likely a 1997 Pee Wee 'AA' Championship. It wasn't that I was looking for a softball trophy, I just figure that's the sorta trophy that gets thrown out. Having it used also keeps in step with my year l…

When New Hits You and it Feels Good!

It's been busy around the Eco Dad house these days. The wife is off on a business trip. The inlaws are visiting from up north to continue the battle with cancer (I really hate cancer). I'm caught in the middle of all of it trying to make shit work. So far, so good. The kids have been fed, dressed and sent to school without issue. I've also managed to pick them up at the usual time, complete with little dad surprises. The first day they got dried mango slices (not a hit with either of them). The second day they got chocolate milk (always a hit with both of them). Not sure what to do today, but I'm sure they'll be expecting something. Not sure if that's a good thing, but I like the idea of them remembering when dad picked them up and how it was a bit of a treat.

Speaking of treats, I received something new the other day! I'm okay with it because I believe it falls under the hygiene column. It's a hat. I equate it to a base layer of clothing. I mean it'…

Done Good by the Animals

I did it! I completed all 1776 steps of the CN Tower climb for the World Wildlife Foundation. Total funds raised by me? $370! It's not a huge amount, but it's $370 they wouldn't have otherwise had. To add to that awesomeness, I also got to spend time with friends. The only part that sucked was the 0500 hours alarm set on my phone on a Saturday morning. That was dumpy.

Just gonna go ahead and use a B&W filter in honour of all the baby pandas we saved.
This is the kind of activity I think more people should do - something for your body, for a good cause, with good friends. Look at all the win in that picture. If the picture wasn't in black and white you'd see even more win as the girl in the middle got a fluorescent yellow shirt for raising over $1000 ... yes, over one thousand dollars! She's a rockstar, or, as the WWF considers her, a platinum panda member.

I think I might try to find more good causes to support. I just wish most of them weren't runs. I&#…

Thrifting as Addiction?

In the absence of purchasing anything new, I've found that thrift shopping or scouring used online ads has become a bit of a pastime, almost an addiction. There is something to be said about finding a great deal, but trying to keep in step with decluttering is becoming a bit of a battle. I've done well enough in terms of donating old clothes when I buy something 'new,' but I'm running out of clothes I'm willing to part with and I really enjoy finding something awesome at a second hand store. Just yesterday I found two used shirts I really liked, so I caved and purchased them.

Coincidentally, it is Hockey Night in Canada!
What else have I been scouring for?

Well, I'd like a second iPad Mini 2 in order to minimize the fighting between my boys over the one iPad Mini 2 I have. My Nexus 7, the one that allowed me to part ways with my Kobo in a previous post, is on it's last legs, so I started looking for a used Android tablet for me.Shoes. I want to run a Toug…