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New Sustainable Clothes

Well, it was inevitable - new clothes. I haven't grown tired of thrifting. In fact I was at a thrift store just last weekend. I needed to get my kid some new (used) snow pants, but I also grabbed him an airplane to pack full of rescue vehicles and my other son got a pack of dinosaurs which he hasn't stopped playing with because he has a dinosaur obsession right now. We have plenty of toys to purge and we managed to get rid of some excess Christmas stuff by simply returning it. Thank Christ for returns! I digress. 
I purchased new clothes, but did so from a local Canadian company that manufactures right here in Canada. Their name? Ungalli. How is that sustainable, besides cutting the carbon of transporting? I'm glad you asked. They recycle plastic bottles into clothing. Yes, 1 Ungalli t-shirt saves 10 plastic bottles from landfill. That same shirt takes 25 litres of water to make versus 2720 litres of water for a standard shirt. That's just for a t-shirt. I also have a…

January - Prepping for 2018

Jumping right into things, I've decided to use January as a prep month for February and March. I figure I was a week in when I finally came up with the idea of doing monthly challenges and there's nothing wrong with maintaining my momentum of 2017 for the first month of 2018. That said, I've gone and purchased a used heavy punching bag to help me out with my 2018 goals. See what I did there? It's like 2017 all over again.

For February I've decided to tackle two (2) challenges. The first challenge is called "Dry February," and it's going booze-free for the month to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. Want to contribute to fighting cancer? Feel free to click here. That's February challenge #1. The second challenge will be an eight (8) week contest of sorts with supplement company 1st Phorm. Technically it starts January 22, 2018, but it'll run all through February and most of March. I said I was going to do it last year, and while I too…

New Direction with Old Habits?

We're one week into 2018 and I'm mulling over the direction to go after 2017. I proudly managed to not buy new stuff for an entire year. I learned a lot, picked up some good habits and greatly improved my mindset. Did I accomplish all I wanted to? No, not really. I still have stuff/clutter, but that's okay. The weight I put on personal belongings has greatly diminished and to me, that's a great thing. I don't feel the need to buy new, but having learned about 'slow fashion,' I'm not opposed to buying some new clothes, so long as they are well made and not drawn from some fashion fad that will soon fade away. The same can be said for other items - no more 'disposables.' I'm only buying things that I will absolutely love and want to repair should things start to give way.

Learned a lot in 2017, like how to consistently give thumbs up in photos.
I'm still left with what to blog about in 2018 and beyond. I've greatly enjoyed incorporating…