New Sustainable Clothes

Well, it was inevitable - new clothes. I haven't grown tired of thrifting. In fact I was at a thrift store just last weekend. I needed to get my kid some new (used) snow pants, but I also grabbed him an airplane to pack full of rescue vehicles and my other son got a pack of dinosaurs which he hasn't stopped playing with because he has a dinosaur obsession right now. We have plenty of toys to purge and we managed to get rid of some excess Christmas stuff by simply returning it. Thank Christ for returns! I digress. 

I purchased new clothes, but did so from a local Canadian company that manufactures right here in Canada. Their name? Ungalli. How is that sustainable, besides cutting the carbon of transporting? I'm glad you asked. They recycle plastic bottles into clothing. Yes, 1 Ungalli t-shirt saves 10 plastic bottles from landfill. That same shirt takes 25 litres of water to make versus 2720 litres of water for a standard shirt. That's just for a t-shirt. I also have a pair of jogging pants, a zip-up hoodie and a trucker hat (it was part of a package). This is a purchase I can feel good about and don't feel as though I've betrayed my core beliefs of sustainability and environmental stewardship because Ungalli embodies those same values.

Sustainability is serious business. Just ask this guy!

Even though I've strayed from buying used, I know I've made a great choice. There will always be new clothes produced. I don't expect anyone to live off second hand everything. When we do buy new though, we have choices we can make. I chose to support a local company that shares a common concern and desire for sustainability.  If you want your clothes to make a difference, you can shop Ungalli here. I don't have a referral code. I don't get paid for your clicking there or shopping there. I don't get paid at all. I get the satisfaction that maybe, just maybe, I've helped someone make a responsible choice when it comes to buying a new article of clothing. End rant.

February is almost here and with it comes a month of no booze. I don't usually drink anyways, but I am on a mission to raise funds for cancer research.  If you'd like to contribute to the war against cancer you can check out and donate there. It coincides with my 8 week Transphormation Challenge with 1st Phorm. That can only help.

As March approaches, I'm continuing my research into vegetarian and vegan diets. Vegetarian seems easy enough. It's vegan I think I'd struggle as I rely on dairy (whey protein, greek yogurt, etc.) for protein sources. I'll just keep researching and planning because those that fail to plan, plan to fail.

Coco out.


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