Another Year Older, Another Race Run and Shoreline Cleaned

I can't seem to get into any sorta rhythm with blogging, and I don't know why. I suppose if I keep blogging and not giving up, I haven't completely failed, right? I think having a challenge kept me interested and made me want to update. Going vegan hasn't exactly been all that exciting to write about and it's completely overrun my Instagram account. The memes, recipes and pictures of activism have been good though. Originally going vegan for the health benefits has spread into all other sorts of awareness. I've even started to wean the kids off of meat and dairy. I have to figure if I don't want it in my body, why would I put it in the bodies of my children? That said, they're slowly becoming vegetarians.  I think I'm a couple fun recipes away from making them vegan, but kids are fussy and my current arsenal of recipes is piss poor to say the least.

So, as the title of this fine blog entry would suggest, it was my birthday recently. I celebrated by doing a 5km run and then a little 0.5km run with my kids. It was good times and I couldn't be more proud of my boys. My oldest loves running, but was just getting over some sorta flu/fever. My youngest does not like to run, but he put in a Herculean effort and was super excited that he did it. Now all I want to do is go running with them. I can't afford organized runs all the time, so to save some cash AND get in that exercise, I should go map out a 0.5km and 1.0km route in my neighborhood. Free fitness. Hooray!

Check out the sweet medals and matching shirts!

The following day we took part in the Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. We picked a good 125 lbs of garbage, all in. Got some great support, but the most important part was showing the next generation some environmental stewardship. My friend Vic had her son come out. While she said he wasn't super stoked, it still gives him a glimpse as to how much trash people leave behind. Hopefully he appreciates the difference he made and thinks twice before letting go of a piece of garbage he might have in his hand.

Look at this group of beauts!

So, as I think of a new challenge, I've got two on my mind - one is self-serving and could net me a bunch of Aeroplan Miles, maybe even get me silver status with Air Canada. The other would go to help a friend of mine's father who is battling cancer. Why settle for one challenge, when you can do two, right? September is almost over, so my next blog post will be what I'm doing and how much I've raised, starting now. Having numbers to report will help significantly with writing as it provides something to actually write about. May have just cured my own writer's block by helping others. Goes to show, our altruistic endeavours are often our most rewarding.

Time to go save the world and whatnot.



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