Wow - Veganism

After a roughly three month hiatus, I'm back. I can't say too much has changed. My vegan challenge for the month of March has, well, solidified. Originally a thirty day challenge, it's become a way of life. I've managed to maintain my body mass while feeling lighter. It's hard to explain, but I attribute it to my calories coming from plants as opposed to meat and dairy. I've even managed to increase some of the weights I lift in the ol' garage gym. Not bad.

No one cares about your protein intake until you become a vegan.

I'm still fixin' and repairing things rather than buying new. I've bought the odd piece of new clothes - a bathing suit, a pair of shorts, but not much else. I haven't lost sight of what's important. I'd rather spend money on quality food, travel with the family and not spend it on those things that really don't matter.

This old iPhone4 of mine DEFINITELY matters. 😂

Moving forward I'd like to challenge myself with lifting weights and eating plant-based. I've started trying various plant-based protein powders for my breakfast bowls and post-workout shakes. What a difference between plant and whey protein powder. That first mouthful of Vega was like dirt. 😕 I've since tried Profi Health and 1st Phorm's new Vegan Pro. I think I'll have a little bracket system to determine a favorite.

Well, that's it for now. I've found a new, albeit limited, series on Netflix I quite enjoy - Into the Badlands. It's basically gratuitous violence in some sorta post-apocalyptic setting where warriors rely on swords and hand-to-hand combat rather than guns. It should be noted there are no zombies and I've got to finish this one episode. 

Coco out.


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