Almost F'ed Up February Already

Well, that didn't take long. I already near pooched up my Dry February with an afterwork celebratory pint. Luckily my efforts were salvaged by my friend Lindsay, who was also there for a celebratory pint. She generously anted up $25 for a golden ticket - a hall pass, of sorts, to allow me to drink for a day. Lindsay to the rescue!

Way Better Than a Wonka Golden Ticket!

My efforts continue for the month of February in order to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. If you'd like to donate or purchase a Golden Ticket, you can do so here. I've managed to raise 25% of my $500 goal.

For the month of March I've found some pretty interesting vegan recipes a la Pinterest. I may have to plan out the entire month of eating because I'm not very creative in the kitchen and even less so when generally unfamiliar with what I'd be cooking with - nothing but plants. 😕  Vegetarian I could probably do. A good 80% of my diet is meatless. On the flip side my diet is kinda dairy heavy in the form of Greek yogurt and whey protein. Thankfully I have a good 20 days to transition and plan this out. Hopefully I last longer for my March challenge than I did with my current February one.

Time to go punch a bag before workin' the ol' afternoon shift.

Coco out.


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