Runnin' and Raisin' Funds

I know I haven't been around in a while. I've been pretty busy dadding and whatnot. Things I've managed to do: blow out my left knee, acquire achilles tendonitis and, if all that wasn't bad enough, I just ran a 10k race today and picked myself up two new blisters. Given the lower body ailments, I haven't exactly been on top of my cardio, so of course I thought I was going to die. "Beautiful, scenic hills," is code for death trap. Need to induce a heart attack? Hills. Bit of a masochist, are ya? Hills.

Why do this? Because the cause was one close to my heart - SickKids Hospital. My cousin has cerebral palsy and spent some time at that hospital and throughout his various stays there I saw, first hand, the amazing things the staff do there. My two boys had a 50/50 chance of being affected by hemophilia, but as fate would have it, they were born completely healthy and I'm thankful for that every day. Had either of them been affected, we'd have been one of the countless families relying on SickKids Hospital for treatment. Instead of relying on SickKids, I'm contributing to SickKids. Even in that I feel fortunate. Thanks to my many supporters I managed to raise $1095. I've never raised that much before, but those that care knew how much it meant for me to do this.

With many races, it's also the company you keep ... or sucker into running with you. As expected, given my body's current state, the gentleman pictured below (left) with me (right) killed my time. He also tried to sucker me into a half marathon, because he was suckered into a half marathon. Way to pay it forward. Ha ha!

His smirk of a better time and my smile trying to hide the pain. 😂

Unfortunately I'm off running for a bit. I have my first physiotherapy session tomorrow, so how long my hiatus lasts I don't know. I bitch about running and I'm still not 100% sold on it, but I do like completing races. More than that, I enjoy supporting good causes and running races is a great way to stay in shape while helping others. I've never felt bad about helping or doing good. In fact I've always felt great afterwards ... maybe not physically, but spiritually (or whatever you want to call it) I always come away feeling better.

On a side note, I never intended for this blog to be so fitness heavy. That's just where this journey of sustainability has brought me. Running requires no special equipment and you can do it just about anywhere. Just throw some shoes on and go. It's also a great, eco friendly form of transportation - your own two legs. You'd be surprised how far they can take you.

I think I'll end tonight on a foam roller. Hmm ... maybe I am a masochist. 😕

Coco out.


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